Around the world, people want peace and human rights.

What if they all pulled together behind the people who can get us there?

Raise the Voices of the Peacemakers.

We may not have a correct estimation yet of the many ways the Internet and social media have changed the landscape of our world. But certainly we know that there have been people who have used it for less than noble purposes, to sow discord and move us toward conflict for their own gain.

We also know that there are far, far, far more people who want peace, and want to treat their fellow men and women with dignity, who respect the fundamental rights of others. With our superior numbers, our voices should be SO much louder.

The Nobel Laureates Peace Fund is raising funds for the production of video messages and print ads to raise the volume on the messages of the world’s most accomplished peacemakers, the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the notables and artists who support them. They are messages about building peace, and all that entails, and messages about human rights.

They will be distributed virally, and placed as ads, both online and print.

You can see our first videos, on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by clicking on the link below.

In partnership with other organizations supporting the laureates and their causes, we will engage users in supporting their vital programs.