How to Donate

The Nobel Laureates Peace Fund is raising funds for the production of video messages and print ads for peace and human rights, with the world’s most accomplished peacemakers, the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the notables and artists who support them.

They will be distributed virally, and placed as ads, both online and print.

Our first videos are on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You can see the first of them here.

In partnership with other organizations supporting the laureates and their causes, we will engage users in supporting their vital programs.

Our goal is to raise $1 million. After production costs, the bulk of the funds will be used to purchase Facebook/Google ads and online video ads to targeted audiences, to ensure maximum impact of the messages around the world.

Choose to donate using your credit card (securely processed by Stripe), PayPal, or secure bank transfer.

Your contribution adds your voice, and your energy, to those of others around the world who share your hopes for a better world. Donate today to be a part of the rising call for peace and human dignity.