About Us

In the growing onslaught of hatred, fear and mud slinging coming into our lives through the media, where do we find the voices of calm and sanity? Where are the people who know the way out of this mess?

Across the globe there are outstanding people who have moved their countries and entire regions of the world from killing, rage and hatred toward peace and security, who have built the building blocks of countries who can thrive in peace in their environments, who have mobilized hundreds of thousands of people for good, and won.

These are the people who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; the best examples we have of how it is done.

They aren’t seen enough on our televisions, on our news web sites, and even on our social media channels. Peace rarely makes the news.

Our purpose is to bring the words and the wisdom of the Nobel laureates into the lives of those who want to know, and to engage the people who care in effective actions for peace and human rights, as we all work to forge a better, more humane future for our race.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Nobel Laureates Peace Fund

“I just want to say, Go for it! It is wonderful that you are doing it. You are one of the best examples of why good ultimately is going to prevail.

“We, when we were struggling against Apartheid, would never have succeeded without the assistance of the international community. And it is efforts such as the one that you are heading up that are so, so crucial.

“Just hold up to people a vision of what the world CAN be, a vision of what funds can do for the most vulnerable. Because they are human too, and they must be touched.”


The Nobel Laureates Peace Fund was incorporated in December, 2016, to fund programs forwarding the vital messages of the peace builders. It was co-founded by Mary Wald and Bonnie Abaunza.

It received its tax exemption in the US on October 19, 2017, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the State of California (more info).